Destacker and lidder for plastic containers

Destacker and lidder for plastic containers In the pharmaceutical industry, Elten delivered a high speed Destacker and Lidder for plastic containers.

Stacks of lids will enter the Elten machine. Grippers will connect to the 2nd lowest lid and lift the partial stack.

The bottom lid will come free and will be transport out of the destacker. The single lid will be pushed sideways and positioned in front of the loading position.

A loaded plastic container will enter the lidder and will be positioned on the loading position. Now the lidder will push the lid on top of the plastic container.

The lidded plastic container will be checked and after the check is OK, the lidded plastic container will be transported out of the Elten machine.

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Technical specifications

Capacity Capacity of 700 lids per hour.
Maximum weight per loaded plastic Container 15kg
Different types of plastic containers 2
Safety Safety Measurements are included.
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