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Strategy and future of Elten Logistic Systems

Our vision for the future

People employed at Elten enjoy working with technology. We worked hard to become a specialist in this world – and we keep it that way. We will never lose our focus on handling systems.

We are fully aware our clients want a return on their investment in our machines. This means our machines must always be of high quality – not just after the purchase, but also in the long run.

Meeting requirements

Our expansion to Norway and the United States has led to new requirements from our customers. Different countries require different ways of working.

We also want to meet the requirements of all our customers in the future. We believe in our machines and want to show that to our customers. To remain competitive on the global stage, we guarantee the highest quality and build lasting relationships with customers and suppliers.

Elten Logistic Systems: 7 reasons why


Standard solutions


Robust design


Ergonomic and safe


High capacity and reliability


Long term vision


Low cost of ownership


24/7 availability


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