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Environment and safety

Safe and sustainable machines

The use of our machines is always safe. Safety is our main priority – your employees must be able to work without risks. Our motto? Returning home healthy after a day of work.

Compliance with the standard

Within the European Union we design our machines in compliance with the Machinery Directive. Outside the European Union we design in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations of the destination country.

Each of our designs is tested first by an external safety consultant. The consultant is responsible for the safety file with the mandatory parts, such as the risk assessment. This means our machines always comply with the latest safety guidelines.

Also, it is important your employees know how the machines work. Therefore, we are offering two training courses: for operators and maintenance employees. Working correctly makes a working environment even safer.

A sustainable strategy

We also pay attention to sustainability when producing our machines as part of our strategy to keep operational costs as low as possible. Our key points:

  • Dutch simplicity: get the same result with fewer moving parts;
  • Sustainable, energy-efficient motors may be more expensive to purchase, they cost less in maintenance and use;
  • Electrification of the machines.

At Elten, we not only care about our machines, but we also care about the world. The use of energy-efficient motors is part of our wider sustainable approach. With waste separation, electric cars, and LED lighting, we make sure our company uses less energy. This is our contribution to a healthier world.

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