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John Lewis (GB) expands further

John Lewis (GB) expands further

In 2008, Elten produced and installed an extended double line at end customer John Lewis in England.

This is an end-of-line installation that orientates and stacks crates that have been filled with products in an order-picking system, loads them on dollies (rollies), sorts the dollies, and prepares them for truck loading.

We have been asked to extend this line by 50 percent. From October 2010, crates will be supplied via three – instead of two – high-capacity lines (three times 1,200 crates per hour) at a height of four metres. Before stacking, these nestable crates need to be orientated and turned if necessary to make them stackable. Two stacks are formed simultaneously via a special stacker/loader and deposited on a dolly supplied automatically at floor level. The dolly is provided with straps, after which the loaded dolly is sorted by ride number via traverse carriages in one of the 14 output lanes.

In August, our technicians will assemble the installation on location in England.

John Lewis

The flagship store of John Lewis opened in 1864 at Oxford Street in London. John Lewis has 10 more stores; many of them originally were independent warehouses acquired by John Lewis.


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