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Elten Announces Expansion with Acquisition of Neighboring Building, Tripling Its Floor Space

Elten Announces Expansion with Acquisition of Neighboring Building, Tripling Its Floor Space

Major Expansion Marks New Chapter for Elten

In a significant move that marks a new chapter in its history, Elten has announced the acquisition of the building next door to its current location. This expansion is set to triple the company's floor space, signaling a major leap in its capabilities and services in the Warehousing and Airport sectors.

Strengthening Market Position and Operations

Elten, a prominent player in these industries, views this acquisition as a crucial step towards bolstering its market position. The expansion not only represents growth but also a strategic consolidation of its operations. The new building will bring together all of Elten’s departments under one roof, fostering greater synergy and efficiency.

Unifying Departments for Enhanced Efficiency

The integration of Logistics, Workshop, Service, and relevant Offices into this expanded space is expected to streamline Elten's operations, enhancing their ability to serve their valued customers more effectively. This reunification of departments is seen as a key factor in improving both internal communication and overall service delivery.

Excitement and Future Prospects

The added video showcasing the empty new location has stirred excitement among stakeholders and employees alike. The spacious and well-located building promises a bright future for Elten, allowing it to take on larger projects and respond more agilely to the dynamic demands of the Warehousing and Airport industries.

Looking Ahead: Growth and innovation

As the company embarks on this exciting journey, the focus remains on strengthening its market presence and enhancing its service offerings. The acquisition of the new building is not just a physical expansion but a testament to Elten's vision of moving forward and growing alongside its customers in an ever-evolving market.

What is going to change?

When we move to this new location, suppliers and customers will receive an update of the changed situation well in advance via their contact person within Elten Logistic Systems.


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