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Automatic pallet destackers / Depalletizers


How much is your company going to save by automatically de-stacking pallets? The pallet destackers from Elten Logistic Systems make your work faster and make it more ergonomically friendly for your employees. By automating the de-stacking of pallets, you ensure more speed and less back pain and pinched fingers and feet.

Elten’s automatic depalletizer: efficient and reliable

Working more efficiently through automation sounds good. But you must be able to rely on your machines to function continuously. You can achieve this with the destackers from Elten Logistic Systems. The machines are designed according to the principle of thought-out simplicity: as simple and user-friendly as possible, with a minimum number of components of high quality only.

How does the machine function? Simple: you enter the stacks of pallets and the pallets will be de-stacked one by one.

Customised solutions with standard components

Elten Logistic Systems offers suitable solutions which are fully adapted to your requirements and to the weight and size of your pallets. How many pallets per hour would you like to de-stack, and how heavy are they? Do you want to just de-stack or also stack, or a combination of both? Do you wish to de-stack pallets of different sizes? Do you de-stack one pallet each time, or more? Whatever your requirements are, you will find a suitable solution at Elten. Please contact us for an exploratory conversation.

Advantages of automatic pallet destackers

  • Cost-efficient
  • Ergonomically friendly
  • Continuous production
  • High reliability
  • 24/7 support
  • Robust design: minimal maintenance and longer lifespan
  • Low energy use

Companies like Albert Heijn and Amazon – but also local companies – are already working more efficiently with the installations from Elten Logistic Systems. Is your company next? Contact us.


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More than 200 pallets per hour


Powder coating or stainless steel




Standard or custom-made


Elten Logistic Systems: 7 reasons why


Standard solutions


Robust design


Ergonomic and safe


High capacity and reliability


Long term vision


Low cost of ownership


24/7 availability

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