Stacking and destacking

Stacking and destacking

Crates or stackable boxes can be piled up by our equipment in columns or can be destacked.

Elten has developed a complete range of these machines from very simple machines with low capacity to very fast machines, equipped with most modern servo-techniques. A capacity of 2500 - 4000 crates per hour is possible in this way. Also is stacking and destacking possible to combine with the function vertical transport. Single crates can for example be supplied on one floor while stacks will be conveyed away on another floor (lower or higher). Also the reversed process at stacking and destacking is possible of course.

If several lines with products have to be loaden onto several pallets, you can make use of industrial robots. These techniques are to combine optimally with above mentioned conventional techniques. Also it is possible to stack or destack product carriers such as pallets and dollies automatically.

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