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Elten and Duursma Teams Explore Innovations at Festo Experience Center

Elten and Duursma Teams Explore Innovations at Festo Experience Center

In a remarkable showcase of collaboration and learning, employees from Elten Logistic Systems and their supplier Duursma visited the Festo headquarters in Delft last Thursday. The visit included detailed presentations, a comprehensive tour of the Festo Experience Center, and an engaging session in the Festo Escape Room, culminating in a highly educational experience for all participants.

A representative from Festo, extended exceptional hospitality to the visiting teams, ensuring a warm welcome and a fruitful day of learning and exchange.

The event highlighted the latest advancements in automation and pneumatic systems, demonstrating Festo's commitment to innovation in industrial technology. Attendees from Elten and Duursma gained invaluable insights, which are expected to enhance their operational efficiencies and collaborative projects.


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