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Dosing candies in crates at Perfetti Van Melle

Dosing candies in crates at Perfetti Van Melle

We recently delivered a filling machine to Mentos producer Perfetti Van Melle. The batch is dosed as a semi-finished product, weighed, and deposited in crates for the next process.

AGVs (automated guided vehicles) supply dollies with stacks of empty crates. The dolly is raised by a lifting unit until the top crates are on the crate filling system. The crates are then removed and placed under the filling pan.

The confectionery is delivered in batches and transported to weighing pans over dosing belts. When the weight in the filling pan reaches the desired weight, the contents are deposited in the underlying crates. The full crates are then stacked on dollies again and removed.

Handling of crates & dollies for Perfetti Van Melle

Characteristics of the installation are simplicity, the minimum number of movements, hygienic in stainless steel, and no pneumatics.

Perfetti van Melle

Perfetti Van Melle is a worldwide operating confectionery manufacturer. Van Melle started around 1840 as a bakery in Breskens which also sold little sugar balls. In 1900, Izaak van Melle started producing them by machine. Around 1920, Izaak's brother Dirk-Machiel set up a factory for biscuits and waffles, including the Mariakaakje.


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