Extending standard set Material destackers

Extending standard set Material destackers Some time ago, our challenge in the form asunder assignment to develop destackers for nine types of crates of different sizes and very high weights.

The crates are different in height, different from the ground surface, as well as 600 * 400 300 * 400, and a variety of targets, and the crate but also to fixed folding crates. The machines should be suitable for high capacities of 1,800 crates per hour and high weight of 250 kg per stack. Also, it was a requirement that the destacker must be insensitive to crates damaged and the absence of ribs. These requirements, combined with our experience with the sometimes weak crates and high unstable stacks was clearly a challenge while we still used to a lot in this area.

After some detective and development, we have developed a universal concept on the basis of previous development with a universal gripper.

This machine is designed for high loads and without diverter large variety of well-stacking and stacking crates. The machine is so robust that a long life with low maintenance and is realized by the electric drive is also the part of energy so low total operating costs are minimal. The machine is tested in our workshop and purchased by our client without comments.

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