Crate stacker with integrated Bale Arm Opener

Crate stacker with integrated Bale Arm Opener The following described machines are suitable for three types of crates with treating different heights.

At the destacker thestacks nested crates are separated and transported as a single crates in the process. In the Crate Stacker with integrated Bale Arm Opener, some crates feed the machine, the bale arms are opened and the crates are stacked.

Crate destacker

The control system is automatically powered by crate type that is offered.

Two stacks of crates (SSL) are transported in the Destacker. The raised second lowest of the lowest Crates are held to be transported by Hold Grippers and lowest Crates from Destacker (SSL). Meanwhile, the retractable grippers hold the lowest Crates and "Hold grippers" Keep the remaining stacks. When the first boxes leave the machine, these crates are lowered onto the conveyor. This process continues until the stacks completely broken down and new stacks can enter.

Crate stacker with integrated Bale Arm Opener

Bale Arm Opener

Depending on the type Bale Arm Crate Opener will be positioned at the right level.

When the machine is empty, two single Crates (LSL) are entering the machine through the ConTech metering conveyor. On the second metering conveyor positioned crates together. When the bale arm Opener is able to receive a batch, the crates are transported to this machine. Here open the bale arms. After this the party of crates being carried in the truck and at the same time can carry through the metering conveyor ConTech a newly formed party.

Crate stacker

The control system automatically firms to crate type that is offered.

The crates are in the middle of the stacker machine. The two crates are lifted, held by the additional "Hold grabs" and the second batch of two Crates can enter the Stacker. The second batch of two single Crates raised under the first batch of the crates and held again. Now, the third party of two single Crates are positioned below the first two sides and be lifted. This process continues until formed by the two stacks. After that, the two stacks (LSL) and the stacker exit new piles are formed.


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