Candy dosing in crates at Perfetti Van Melle

Candy dosing in crates at Perfetti Van Melle Recently we have delivered a dosing installation at the Mentos producer Perfetti Van Melle.

The batch of intermediate candy is weighed and dosed, poured out in crates waiting for the next process.

By means of AGV’s dollies with empty stacks of crates are brought to the installation. Using a lifting unit the dolly is lifted until the top crates are positioned on the level of the filling systems. here the crates are destacked and brought under the filling area.

The candy is delivered in batches and is transported via a bunker to the weighing pans. If the weight in the weighing pan has reached its desired weight, in the content is poured out in the underlying crates. The full crates are stacked again, put on dollies and are transported further.

Characteristics of the installation are the simplicity, the minimal number of movements, hygienic in stainless steel and no pneumatics used.

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