Automatic Dolly Loader – Household Goods

Automatic Dolly Loader – Household Goods For a well-known Dutch retailer of household goods, Elten delivered two high speed Automatic Dolly Loaders.

Via ground floor level the Operator will feed in stacks of Dollies. At the end of the Infeed Lane the stack of Dollies will be transported to Dolly Loader 1 or Dolly Loader 2 by a Turning Table.
The Dolly Destacker will grip the 2nd lowest Dolly and lift the partial Dolly stack. Single Dollies will be positioned on the loading position.
On level 1, loaded totes will arrive. The orientation of the Tote is checked and, if necessary, the Tote will be rotated 180 degrees to stack the loaded Totes.
The 1st batch of two Totes will be pushed and lowered. The 2nd batch of two Totes will be pushed and lowered on top of the 1st batch of two Totes. This process continues until the two Stacks of 4 high are completed.
Now the two completed stacks are lowered on top of the single Dolly.
Stacks of Lids will be fed into the Dolly Loader and the Automatic Lidder will position 1 Lid on top of the loaded Dolly.
On the next position the loaded Dolly will be automatically strapped and transported out of the Dolly Loader via ground floor level.

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Technical specifications

Capacity 800 Totes per hour per Dolly Loader.
Maximum weight 25kg per loaded Tote
Extra Automatic lidder
Extra Automatic Strapper
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